Registration will connect you to the Jewish community, but the benefits really begin once you begin to experience Shabbat. For newcomers, here’s what you can expect:

For guests: Warm friendly faces to greet you when you are away from home, a nice Kosher meal, and a sense of belonging and family. You will make new friends as you expand your social circle. You will become part of what's happening in the Jewish community in which you find yourself.

For hosts: The joyful mitzvah of opening up your home to fellow Jews on Shabbos, making new friends, and making your Shabbat a memorable and special occasion are just a few of the benefits of hosting guests at your table. You can also receive a tax deduction for your time and meals.

Both guest and hosts: You will share in the mitzvah of tzedakah. A registration fee of $5 for annual membership provides you with the opportunity to give a little something to the community. keeps none of this money whatsoever, and does not profit financially from your generosity. We are a volunteer organization committed to connecting Jews to their heritage and each other.